KOEH 108.3 FM
Dipperville lies in the hill country of SE Minnesota
deep in the heart of frack sand country
and 10 miles from Hoopdeville.
The town lies in a hollow on the banks of Dipper Creek
and all external FM radio and TV signals pass overhead
unheard and unseen.
Twenty years ago, 
the Dipperkripp family
came to the rescue
with a license to launch the town's first
and, to-date, only radio station,
KOEH 108.3FM.
The rest is history.
or is it?
"The rest is history" is what media people and
philosophers say but, we, the townsfolk of Dipperville say 
history is for idle talk at the Dairy Queen.
We like to think that the proper phrase is...
the rest is imagination.
Uff da!
  • Kirk Mattson

    Obediah McQuittie

  • Nicola Adams

    Fanny Adams

  • Becky Warren

    Winsome McGurdy

  • Linda Back McKay

    LaVerne Benson

  • Michael Fischbein

    Chief Monday

  • Elena Erofeeva

    Milli Cent

  • Jamel Anderson

    Suleiman Muchmojo

  • Mark Greenberg

    Mayor Dipperkripp

  • Heidi Ziman

    Ranting Alice Evans

  • David O'Sullivan

    Harvey Smottle

  • Michael Milligan

    Prescott Fitzherbert Brumley-Crouch (Fitz)

  • Dave McKay

    Squealy Wheeler

michaelMTTnDipperville's education system was in crisis. An East coast educator and part-time philodopher (sic), one Prescott Fitzherbert Brumley-Crouch, was hired to fix it. His first threat was to endanger the very foundation of Mid-Western education... baseball. He proposed terminating the high school baseball season and streaming the money saved into administrator salaries. His proposal was unsuccessful. Had it succeeded, it would hardly have made a difference because the Dipperville Ducks were 0-14 when they stopped keeping score. Prescott Fitzherbert Brumley-Crouch (Fitz or Fits for short) was blamed for the 0-14 record even though he was living in Cambridge, MA when the damage was done. There is a plan to call the new high school outdoor basketball court the Prescott Fitzherbert Brumley-Crouch Hoop Arena - the PFBCHA for short while Dipperville's education system remains in crisis.

Played by Michael Milligan