KOEH 108.3 FM
Dipperville lies in the hill country of SE Minnesota
deep in the heart of frack sand country
and 10 miles from Hoopdeville.
The town lies in a hollow on the banks of Dipper Creek
and all external FM radio and TV signals pass overhead
unheard and unseen.
Twenty years ago, 
the Dipperkripp family
came to the rescue
with a license to launch the town's first
and, to-date, only radio station,
KOEH 108.3FM.
The rest is history.
or is it?
"The rest is history" is what media people and
philosophers say but, we, the townsfolk of Dipperville say 
history is for idle talk at the Dairy Queen.
We like to think that the proper phrase is...
the rest is imagination.
Uff da!

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Another Squealy Brain-Fart


Reports are coming across the street that Sebastian (Squealy) Wheeler has taken LaVerne Benson hostage in the library - the small brownstone on Adams between Main and 3rd in case you were not aware we had a library in Dipperville. We'll bring you the latest on Squealy's demands as soon as he picks up the phone. Latest indications are that Ms. Benson is unharmed.

Sebastian (Squealy) Wheeler has taken LaVerne Benson hostage in the library. The library is the small brownstone on Adams between Main and 3rd in case you were not aware we had a library in Dipperville. Squealy is demanding a large sum of money, a hello-copter (sic), and a return of his $100 garbage collection deposit. Latest reports are that Ms. Benson is unharmed.

Mayor Dipperkripp, in consultation with the Dipperville PD, has decided to wait it out. That is the action they took the last time Mr. Wheeler took a hostage at the Freeway Mini-Mall in a dispute about rights to a mall bench. This station will keep its listeners updated on a regular basis on the situation as it plays out at the library. In the meantime, Bob's Books (on Washington between Main and 3rd - in back of the library, in fact), is having a Grand Sale on Romance and Western paperbacks. Only two racks left.


Air date: February 12th, 2013

Squealy Wheeler has a problem with having to pay the city a $100 garbage deposit because, he says, he makes no garbage. His protests go unheeded so he takes librarian Laverne Benson hostage in the library. His protests continue to go unheeded.

The Taking of LaVerne Benson (5:38) features: Elena Erofeeva, Michael Fischbein, Mark Greenberg, Dave McKay, Linda Back McKay, and David O’Sullivan. Music by P.M. O’Sullivan, Recording Engineer: Elena Erofeeva. Written and directed by David O’Sullivan.

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cheerleaderMCQUITTIE: This is Counselor Obediah McQuittie reading the news from my backpack hanging behind the door at KOEH. ITEM: Tram line construction is making amazing progress despite the fact that it is being built by workers more used to oil drilling.

HARVEY: In a spirit